Yashika Batra Poetry

Only rhyme can heal what reason cannot.

Innocence- A “bliss”

Like an ocean full friendship 

With as if a two year old child

Soft, clear, pure- a relationship 

Being in my arms he smiled !!

Talking, smiling early morning 

Reaching another level of bliss

Bliss of a blissful innocence 

Like a child your smile gives peace !!

Thinking of you even while praying

With whom should I compare you?

You are the book only I can read

God has given the power of love to only me!!

Innocence of you, your face, smile

The place on cheek where I love to kiss

Hand kdda, your voice, adorable eyes

Innocence- a bliss to this relationship!!

Inner contentment 

• Inner contentment •
Cherishing along wandering 

The real joy, pure and open

Healed and woven

Pursued like a dark, powerful fortune

Awakening truth, Extreme compassion 

Apparently like a magnet grasping 

Attaining consciousness to protect

The natural deeper happiness

Inner contentment, peace

Appearances reflecting ourselves 

Happily living, we

A half belief, self awareness 

Inner contentment, peace !!

It’s not love right?

We rewrite our names 

Many times in many ways 

Smiley adds the beauty

Heart adds grace

Is it?

It’s not love right?

I don’t think you all day but night..!

We find ways, situations

To make love, To talk

May be love or attraction 

But hand in hand we walk

Is it?

I don’t think you all day but night

It’s not love right?

It’s your smile that I admire

Your naughtiness, Your friendliness

Your innocence that I adore

The way you love- I love 

Did I used love?

But it’s not love right?

I don’t think you all day but night..!

All day goes being yours

Being totally lost in you 

In your imagination 

Being in situations with you… all day 

But I don’t think you all day 

I fear love…. may be we fear love

Is it… its not love right?

There are many consequences,coincidences 

That make you & I… us

May be it’s our past

Or karma, hopes, thoughts 

The way it goes, it flows

That has made us close

But it’s not love right?

I don’t want to love you 

I just want to adore you

Wanna look into your eyes…

Wanna listen to your smile

A little longer… A little more

I think you all day all night

But it’s not love right??

Reflection of you 

You,your fragrance

Your presence like essence

Always stays around, near

Making me feel like in heaven, dear!

Just a reflection of you

Is all my love 

To write for you 

Being a dove!

So pacifying, so pure

You cured the past

You, your fragrance 

Your reflection, your presence!

My eyes, my heart

As smooth as river

Shows your perfect picture 

Like reflection in the Mirror! 

Your reflection 

Made me follow proper direction

The right time, path 

Your essence your fragrance, bath!

Music in me, don’t know how?

Started flowing 

After our that meeting

Touching of heart, of soul!

You,your fragrance

Your presence like essence

Making me feel like in heaven 

Just a reflection… your reflection!!

A mixed equation 

I don’t know 

I’m not getting place,

Or is it my mind

That is not in pace…

All the things getting over

Screaming your name,

My mind stuck between them

Strategising to make space….

I’m burning your pics 

I’m hitting your stuffs,

Not letting tears to come out

But it’s my heart that shout….

I don’t wanna remember 

Any part of you,

Not even your name 

Any spark of you….

You were the worst mistake 

of my life… I guess,

But you taught me to live

To survive… I confess….

Being the lesson

Though you were the wrong person,

I hate… yet I love

It’s a mixed equation….!!

The way we love

It’s not the relation or your looks

But the connection that I adore,

Right now, I don’t want any particular place

To make my words rhyme.. to think,to explore.

For now I’m in you

In a flawless picture book,

Making a full story that will be a glory

And I want you to have a look.

A beautiful evening,admiring nature with you

A long drive,hugging you on river side,

I love being the real me with you

Extreme relief my soul enjoys,keeping all fret aside.

Just an hour and so many emotions

Something more than friendship not love,don’t be mistaken,

Your less beard,your touch,give me sensations

Your deodorant makes my soul shaken.

May be this is it

Yet making a full story that will be a glory

And I want you to have a look

I want you to have a look…!!

Concisely wordy

Not being terse

But this is concisely wordy worth !

Surmounting many heartened hurdles

Aloof he, just wanted to make smile me

Midday dreams were like grant to him

Earning the trust

Eventually games turned to something more than lust

Registering each other’s name…Love beyond the game..!!

Heavenly emotions 

Going of a flash like a splash

Became a habit wonderful 

Of recollecting memories beautiful 

So usually I wonder

Imagining us altogether

How will be the day of our first meet

In the heavenly weather….

Will it be his moles and moustaches

That I will glare

Or will it be my eyelashes

That he will stare

Love being in air, usually I wonder 

How will be the day of our first meet

In the heavenly weather….

Will it be the sunrays or raindrops

That we will enjoy

Or will it be the spring

That we will ploy

Flowery emotions in the heavenly garden

Usually I imagine the day of our first meet

In the heavenly weather….

Being in each other’s arm

It will be our names that will give us charm

Heaven being his heart

Day will be spent being his part 

Like this I imagine the day of our first meet

In the heavenly weather

In the heavenly emotions..!!

Tulip – The perfect love

Being my tulip – the perfect love 

You will always be admired as a dove

The quintessence of tulip red – “perfect love”

Perfect because

You being with me in every cheerful thoughts

Though thoughts are of hopeless love

Still they are all above….

The essence of tulip yellow – “Hopeless love”

Still thoughts and dreams are all above

Providing a particular inarch 

Fancied by royal monarch 

Purple connotes very necessary divine

Divine because

Ultimately providing flowery shine….

Purple being “royalty” 

white is “Worthiness and forgiveness”

As, in the end to have a perfect love

It is worthy to forgive all

Forgive because 

To have the essence of pure nectar

It is worthy to understand tulip as a true reflector..!!

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